20% discount for SketchBook membership

If you have SketchBook Pro 2011, v6, or v7.

( This offer is only valid for the first year of membership. )


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What do I get with a SketchBook membership?

We moved to membership, so you would always have the best version of SketchBook. Whenever there is a software fix or update, you get it immediately. Compared to SketchBook of the past, not only do you get these updates, but also a much more affordable solution.

With membership, you do not pay per-platform. That’s big! You get SketchBook on any device, using a login. Currently, you can run on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android! Plus, you can choose from monthly or yearly payment options.

As a member, you will always get the most up-to-date version on all platforms. As long as your membership is active, whenever you login into SketchBook, you’ll have the latest Pro features.

To find your Serial number:

1. Launch SketchBook Pro

2. Open About SketchBook

(MAC) SketchBook > About SketchBook Pro

(WIN) Help > About SketchBook Pro

3. Tap Product Information to get your serial number

To find your Serial number and Product key:

1. Go to:

2. Login with your account credentials – these are the email and password you used for your initial purchase.

3. At the top of the page, tap MANAGEMENT.

4. Tap SketchBook Pro to expand the dropdown and locate your product key and serial number.